New released movies from all streaming services in Singapore.

The Devil's Partner (1961)

The Great Alligator

Tormented (1960)

Holiday For Hire

Top 13 Alien Remnants and Unsolved Ancient Mysteries

The Roast of Kevin Brennan

Day That Shook The World

Creature From The Haunted Sea (1961)

Trixx Live at The Stand

Blood Moon

Shark Girl

Eating Me Up

60 Miles North

The Dish & the Spoon

Dues Paid

The Garfield Movie (2024)

Mr. Hit Me Up

Death Ph.D

Bull Shark 3

Curse of the Totem

Doc Holliday

Haywire: Gunslingers

Haywire: Gunslingers (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Mega Twister

Mega Twister (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Mother Mafia

Mother Mafia (2024)
Action & Adventure 

The Sniper Ridge

The Sniper Ridge (2024)
Action & Adventure 

The Revenge

Deer Camp '86

Sneaker Hustle


Ponder (2024)

Melted Lipstick

Dogman Territory: Werewolves in the Land Between the Lakes

An Unknown Compelling Force: The Dyatlov Pass Incident

A Tortured Mind: The Reality of Post-Incarceration Syndrome

The House of Suh

The Garfield Movie (2024) – Bonus X-Ray Edition

RiffTrax: Hangmen

RiffTrax: Hangmen (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Killing Ariel

A Frozen Christmas Dance: Christmas Miracle


Heroes (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Donovan's Echo

Surrounded by Idiots

Willie, Jamaley & The Cacacoon

The Time Travel Hills

Art Work

Breaking and Entering


Steal (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Sacred Mask

Sacred Mask (2024)
Action & Adventure 

MMPR: The Last Ranger Parody VII

Mustard Man


Bumbling Ballerina

What the Heart Wants

Shadows of Betrayal: Chronicles of Ian Blair

Getting to Know You


Keep Your Distance Vol 16

Fright Before Christmas

Give or Take

Temples of Atlantis: Alien Beacons, Genetic Humans and Giant Super Beings

La famiglia Mattachine

Plots with a View

Saving the Ice

Saving the Ice (2024)

Suicide by Cop

Boarding House

Nighttime Thunderstorm at Sea

Beauty and the Billionaire: Bali

Love Switch

Witches Well

Valentine's Town

Fire Island

1-800 Missing


Escaped Devotion

The Port

The Housekeeper

Soothing Thunderstorm Sounds

The Resellers

The Ghost of Annie Lee

Psychopaths: Killing Spree Couples

UFO Revelations: Rise of the UAP

Between Giants

Mission Peace - A Staunch Moderates Documentary

Kill Pen Horse "Saving Thomas"

Wrong Numbers


The Yellow Rose of Texas

A Rose in Concrete

For The Love Of Cash 2

Paris is in Harlem

Aloha Also Means Goodbye



Sunnyland (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Honey + Lemon


Huntress (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Scar Tissue

The Lies I Tell Myself

Bigfoot Around The World

Edjucatin Charlie


The Atlantis Puzzle

Piégés dans la Savane

Little Deaths

A Fireman for Christmas

Your 1/2 of the Rent

Ambient Americana

Death Do Us Part

Rickey Smiley Presents: 3 the Hard Way

Pizza Boy Rick

Motstånd: De slog tillbaka

Lily Darling

Avalanche! The 1910 Great Northern Railway Disaster

Mouth of Babes

Serene Ocean Waves and Crackling Fire


Lakeside Campfire

Deep Relaxation Spa Music and Running Water

Lethal Love Affair

The Twisters

The Twisters (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Make a Wish

Beyond the Label

Jack and The Beanstalk

Jack and The Beanstalk (2024)
Action & Adventure 


Bulletproof (2024)

Coming Out Polish Style

666: The Child

Asian Schoolgirls

Invasion of the Pod People

Secret Mailman Returns

Jane White is Sick and Twisted

Nick Callas: Wolf Pup

Countdown: Armageddon

Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes

Dreamscape Explore: Into the Cosmos

The Brothers Grimm: American Folktales (Pt. 1)

Garrett Gunderson: The American Ream

Strangers of My Imagination

The Brothers Grimm: American Folktales (Pt. 2)

The Ganja

Fi & Queen B

The Legend of the Pope Lick Monster (& Other Shorts by Ron Schildknecht)

Don't Fumble Me Twice

Father May I 2

Third Eye Blind: Live at Red Rocks

Left Unsaid - Never Ending, It's Better This Way

Little Angel - Sunny Adventures and Fun!

Biography: Bret Michaels

Conframa: Traits of Karma

Conframa: Traits of Karma Part 2

In Her Name

Watch Your Back 2

Wannabe a Star

The Only Life I Know

Black Uniform

Dr. Caligari

Love & Sex

Lord of the Elves

Bullet To Beijing

Bullet To Beijing (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Battle Star Wars

Battle Star Wars (2024)

666: The Beast

Hansel vs Gretel

Alien Siege

Alien Siege (2024)


Alien Origin

Alien Origin (2024)
Action & Adventure 


D-Day (2024)
Action & Adventure 

The Momo Killer

Age of Dinosaurs

Age of Dinosaurs (2024)
Action & Adventure 

3-Headed Shark Attack

3-Headed Shark Attack (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Atlantic Rim

Atlantic Rim (2024)


Judgement In Berlin

500 MPH Storm

500 MPH Storm (2024)
Action & Adventure 


Hijack (2024)
Action & Adventure 

RiffTrax: For Life or Death

2021 War of the Worlds

2021 War of the Worlds (2024)
Action & Adventure 

In the Name of Ben-Hur

In the Name of Ben-Hur (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Atlantic Rim: Resurrection


Alien Convergence

Evil Eyes

Bikini Spring Break


Dollman Vs Demonic Toys

Love on the Side

2-Headed Shark Attack

Man About Town

Last Rites of Ransom Pride

Jigsaw Man

Jigsaw Man (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Hot Spur



Loved (2024)


Hornet (2024)
Action & Adventure 

Evasive Action


Attila (2024)
Action & Adventure 

AE Apocalypse Earth


Grace and Grit

Miller's Thriller

Amityville Backpack

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