New released movies from all streaming services in Indonesia.

The Drone
The Drone (2021)

Klik Film
Velvet (2021)
Attraction to Paris
Attraction to Paris (2021)
3.6Action & Adventure 
Calm Before
Calm Before (2021)
Dead Again
Dead Again (2021)
2.9Action & Adventure 

Is It Just Me?

Keep Your Distance Vol 17

Paranormal Investigators

Sobreviva ao Jogo

Sobreviva ao Jogo (2021)
Action & Adventure 

I Married the War

Forbidden Tango

Buscadores de fantasmas: Goldfield Hotel

Buscadores de fantasmas: Cecil Hotel

Il gioiello nascosto

Two Witches

Red Penguins

Terrorangrebet der ændrede verden

The Journey of Lucy

Trashology 3

Barack Obama

La perla di Ruby

Trees: A Planetary Treasure

Trains Across America: Big Boy 4014 Goes to Texas

Slime City

Mit liv som Val Kilmer


Blu38 (2021)

Il vigneto dell'amore

The Irish Wedding

Fuera de la ley

Nella rete del Killer (Killer Cover Up)

Bigfoot Exorcist

Keep Your Distance Vol 12

Il Primo Raccolto (A Country Romance)

La vittima perfetta (Pretty Little Victim)

Il bersaglio perfetto (The Secrets She Keeps)

Royal Facade

Rendel 2: Cycle of Revenge
Rendel 2: Cycle of Revenge (2021)
5.2Action & Adventure 

Las Chacalosas

Christmas Story Time: A Christmas Carol

The Preacher to the Popes


Keep Your Distance Vol 11

Little Treehouse: Wheels on the Bus & More Nursery Rhymes

Jesus Rolls

Creek (2021)

The Bell Affair

Carlovy Musicc's Friend Zone 3

The Dead Half

Dangerous (2021)

Dangerous (2021) (2021)
Action & Adventure 

RiffTrax: Wonder Women

RiffTrax: Wonder Women (2021)

Spirits of Jupiter Uncut

Spirits of Jupiter Uncut (2021)
5.7Action & Adventure 

A House Divided

2's A Couple, 3's A Crowd

Half a Mile Out on the Night

The Preacher to the Popes: Raniero Cantalamessa

Ground Swells: Epic Stories of Monster Waves

Luces, cámara, romance

Hombre vs. Pie Grande

Hogslayer Redux

Een Plattelandsromance (A Country Romance)

The Power of the Resurrection

A Patch of Fog

Mistérios de Amor

Expediente 53

Basic: Journey to Airman I

The Party Bus

Blacklight - Im Schatten des FBI

I Can I Will I Did

The Pride of Stonewall

5D Love

5D Love (2021)

Clifford der große rote Hund

Love Letter Templates

Predator: Catching the Black Cab Rapist

Lewinski: 15 minutos de escándalo

Take the Night

Oscuros Secretos del Colégio

This Is Brodie Lee

The Pros of Cons

Animal Instincts: The Urban Jungle ANIMATED

Product of the Poison

The Endless Love of Salome

Pense à moi

Amor Em Winterland

Hi on Art

Hi on Art (2021)

Big C: A 25th Ave Story

Mid American Gulas Wrestling (Vol. 1)

Espiral - O Legado de Jogos Mortais

13 Minutes - Jede Sekunde zählt

la fille toxique de mon mari

The Ghetto Bird's Nest

Rise of an Underdog

The Reverend

The Reverend (2021)

Secret Within the Sphere

Spurensuche in Cherry Springs

Matchmaker Mysteries: Die Kunst des Mordens

Anima Gemella Cercasi (The Perfect Wedding Match)

Scottanti Bugie (Burning Lies)

Toothfairy 3 - The Last Extraction

The Last Breath of Freedom

Smell No Evil

Good Things Devils Do, The

Dunes, The

Return, The

Pokémon de film: Geheimen van de jungle

¡Sí, Dios mío, sí!

Six Minutes to Midnight (en) (FR-Subbed)

Vietnam im Aufschwung

El vecindario

Mistérios Na Tv: Amigos Até A Morte

Hooked: A Family's Journey With Addiction

I Am a Channel

Un Reencuentro Navideño


Stella (2021)

JFK Revisited

End Game - Technologie oder Zukunftskiller?

Trains Across America: Kansas City Southern - the Heavener Subdivision

The Bandemic

Lil Santa's Book Club: The New Year’s Bargain (Pt. 2)

Dino Trem: Ilha da Aventura

Amor En Aruba


Who Was Phone?

Mike Lebovitz: Two Slob Household


Conquista (2021)
Action & Adventure 

Urkel Saves Santa: The Movie!

A Screenshot to Santa

Il Da Vinci scomparso

Better Than My Last

Hebilla de Forajido

The Unholy Three: Ghoulish Edition

Glowing Fireplace With Christmas Music


Planet under press: Dagen då vattnet tar slut

Hunde: Allein zu Haus

Boy Culture: Generation X HD

Tina Turner

Tina Turner (2021)

Für immer Weihnachten - Und täglich grüßt das Rentier

Cowboys of Cannabis

Tiger kings: USA:s illegala rovdjurshandel

Världens historia: 11 september

Dox: Ascension - Den kinesiska drömmen

The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game (2021)

The Joys of Christmas

The Dyatlov Mystery

Guided Meditation With Bliss: Health Wealth Love and Success Affirmations

Blottad: Skandalen som fällde Janet Jackson


Dox: WeWork - enhörningens uppgång och fall

Dokument utifrån: Uppror i USA

Världens historia: Jakten på Röd Oktober

Dokument utifrån: USA:s mammor bakom galler

Dox: Misha och vargarna

When It Rings


Re-Elected (2021)
Action & Adventure 

The Protégé - Der Racheengel

007 - Sem Tempo Para Morrer

Uma Troca de Natal


Mark, Mary e Outras Pessoas

A Sexplanation: Educação Sexual Sem Tabu

HIV: A Pandemia Negligenciada


Excavadora (2021)
Action & Adventure 

Rey de los Britanicos

Rey de los Britanicos (2021)
Action & Adventure 

Die Suche nach Planet B

Shine Service

Troubled Family

Killer Movie Director's Cut

The Executioners We All Had a Chance

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