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8 Bucks

The Chip

Inside HMP Frankland: Evil Behind Bars

The Legend of Ghost Road

Pit Boy

Pit Boy (2022)

Arctic Armageddon

Arctic Armageddon (2022)
3.5Action & Adventure 

Finders Keepers

Crazy Racing

The Love Boat: Happily Ever After

Devil's Workshop (en) (FR-Subbed)

Desperate Riders (en) (FR-Subbed)

Otra Oportunidad


Other Side Of Me

The Life and Times of Smilin Rick Fabel

The Dark And The Wicked

Dubs Up: The Origin of West Coast Hip Hop

The Beautiful Killers

I Danced For The Angel Of Death

Mondo Duplantis. Nacido para volar

Am I Crazy? My Journey to Determine if My Memories Are True

Peter Rabbits Storytime: The Adventures of Paddy the Beaver

Bound by Debt

Bound by Debt (2022)
Action & Adventure 


Dox: Förrädaren som ville rädda världen

Mike Hammer's Mickey Spillane: 75th Anniversary Expanded Edition

Mickey Spillane's Encore For Murder

Killin' Time

Avatar: The Way of Water Collector's Edition

Trains Across America: Southern Steam


Citywide (2022)
Action & Adventure 

521 North Main Street

Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace

Lil Santa's Christmas Chronicles: Miss Santa Claus

Some Kind of Christmas

Bebê Ruby

La Bella Y El Billonario

Una Pizca De Amor

Mi Gran Amor

Weihnachtsangebot: Liebe

Christmas Is Here 2: Classic Holiday Cartoon Collections

Christmas Cake - Mit Liebe gebacken

Aliens Uncovered: ET or Man-Made

Holiday Heartbreak

In Our Quiet


The System: America's Epidemic

A Vida de Rosa Parks

Prancer: Um Conto de Natal

Caçadores de Recompensas (2022)

Yesterday Is Gone

Four Died Trying

Cat Daddies: Freunde für sieben Leben

Tales From the Crip 4

Ein Kronprinz zu Weihnachten

J.F. Harris: People Make Mistakes

Santa Bootcamp - Training für ein perfektes Fest

Meine Nachbarn, Weihnachten und ich

Christmas Babysitter - Dad auf Probe

An Angelic Christmas

Ancient Extraterrestrials: Aliens & UFOs Before the Dawn of Time

Love in Tahiti

Flesh Eaters

Doe Boy

Internet Host

Fear, Blood & Gold


Ein Star zu Weihnachten

Fürchte die Schatten

Fürchte die Schatten (2022)

Amazon +1

Monster High: Der Film

Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte zum Verlieben

The Royal Nanny - Eine königliche Weihnachtsmission

Attack of the Radioactive Zombies

Desde Rusia contra Putin

Opération Wolf Hound

Opération Wolf Hound (2022)
Action & Adventure 

Janet Jackson - A Polêmica do Intervalo

Revista Curve - O Retrato da história lésbica

Dokument utifrån: Putins väg mot kriget

Dokument utifrån: USA och den stora lögnen

Dokument utifrån: Musk vs Bezos - rivaler i rymden

Världens historia: Watergate

Crawlspace: Em Confinamento

Dokument utifrån: Ukraina – livet under den ryska attacken

Dokument utifrån: Putins krigsbrott i Ukraina

Dokument utifrån: Nancy Pelosis makt

Dox: Ingenting är för evigt

The Taking

Dorothy and Toto's Storytime: Ozma of Oz

An Unimportant Girl

The God Given Talent: The Creative Life of Charles Curtis Blackwell

Caress of the Vampire 2.5: The Return of Billy the Vampire

When My Sleeping Dragon Woke

Wild nights with Emily Dickinson

Kid Brainiac: Constellations

She Get the Money

R.I.P.D. 2: Ascensão dos Condenados

Collide - Segredos e Mentiras

Chamas da Vingança (2022)

Breaking - No Limite

Shooting Stars - A Vida de Lebron James

Ambulância - Um Dia de Crime

Gigi & Nate - Uma Amizade Inesperada

A Fera (2022)

A Fera (2022) (2022)
Action & Adventure 

Perdidos Na Noite

Margaux - A Inteligência Mortal

Hellraiser - Renascido do Inferno (2022)

Não! Não Olhe!

They/Them - O Acampamento

Vingança (2022)

Codinome Banshee

Mulher? (2022)

Bromates - Amigos em Apuros

Cloudy with a Chance of Sunshine

The Barn Part 2

According to Plan

HMA Daytime Awards Presented by Hyer Magazine

When Jack Came Back

Big Dawg

Ansiedade e Depressão: Os Impactos na Sociedade

July Rising

Past Tense

Past Tense (2022)

Just Hitched

Just Hitched (2022)
6.7Action & Adventure 

Liebe zu Weihnachten

Liebe zu Weihnachten (2022)

Google Play +1

Swallowed – Es ist in dir

Red's Shadow

Don't Tear Yourself Apart

Changes in Queen City

Michael Knost's Return of the Mothman

Pomonok Dreams

Beyond Your Eyes

Back Then


Bella (2022)

Risen - End Of Days

Risen - End Of Days (2022)

Amazon Prime

Der Fall Melissa - Rassismus und die Todesstrafe

Barbie: Skipper und das große Babysitting Abenteuer

Liebe lügt nie

Romantic Rewrite - Buchstäblich verliebt

Spirit Halloween

The Foundling

The 355 - Absolute Geheimsache

Easter Under the Sea

The Godfathers of Hardcore

We Live In Public

3 Tails: A Mermaid Adventure

Cowboys vs Samurai vs Werewolves

The Messengers

Nowhere Alaska

Nowhere Alaska (2022)
Action & Adventure 

The Last Time I Saw Paris

Teenagers Battle The Thing

Thunder Ninja Kids Wonderful Mission

Second Chorus

Second Chorus (2022)
Action & Adventure 

The Little Princess

Mystery Liner

Mystery Liner (2022)
Action & Adventure 

Shanty Tramp

Deadly Weekend

The Elephant in the Room

The Hitch-Hiker

Love Wine

Love Wine (2022)
Action & Adventure 



Dogman 2: The Wrath of the Litter

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound (2022)
Action & Adventure 

Empty Nester's Handbook

Midnight Driver

Blackwood: Das Massaker am Wendigo Creek

The Darkest Place


Anthony Bonazzo: Northside Southside

Secrets And Lies

Harmony Falls

Easter Dance: Party Like an Easter Chick

A Torn Heart 2


Miscalculated (2022)
8.4Action & Adventure 

An Extraordinary Man - Dr. Dennis Branch

Slapped Straight


Dysconnected (2022)

La Casa del Crimen - Es Posible que Nunca te Vayas

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Robot Wars

Indifferent Enchantment

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Doctor Mordrid

Where The Butterflies Go


Nairobby (2022)

Money Lovers

Severe Clear

The World is a Beautiful Place and I Am Not Afraid to Die

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Beyond Atlantis

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Batwoman

King of Killers

King of Killers (2022)
4.3Action & Adventure 

Amazon Prime +3

Run Nixon

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Shape of Things to Come

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Demon Squad


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